About Adam

Black and white photo of Adam McKerlie

Welcome to ProcrastinatingManager.com. I recently started this blog after reflecting on a question asked by a co-worker on what it was like being an Engineering Manager. This is a question I’ve answered numerous times before. I figure that if I can help even one person navigate the waters of management then this website will be worth it.

So a little about me. I graduated from the University of Guelph back in 2009 with a degree in Computer Science. I then worked for a year at Rogers and a year at Telus as a web developer and then in 2010 I joined G Adventures. For the first three years, I was an Individual Contributor, migrating legacy systems, building out large websites and coding every day. One day my boss gave his two weeks notice and I got an unexpected promotion into management. This started my journey down the management path and I stand here today having learnt a lot about what it means to be a better manager. The goal of ProcastinatingManager.com is to share that knowledge with you.